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[Image description of Shad Eight Black in this transcript]: The gender pronouns are they/them/their(s). This image has been sharply trimmed for the purposes of this website. Shad Eight Black is simultaneously Black and Non-Binary as a person of color. Their facial features are androgynous. They stare at you with a dull expression on their face like they don’t want to see you. They have black frames in their rectangle-like glasses and look through them. This photo, which you are looking at, was taken in March 2016 at the Saint Louis bus stop in Missouri. They were 24 years old when the image of the selfie was taken on their own mobile phone. They have small Afro hair covered on top of the head. They also wear a gray sweatshirt with the hood pulled down and a fading black leather jacket with the zipper partially open. They are placed on a natural background of white cloudy sky and a few scattered trees, visible through the glass wall of the bus stop shelter.