The Goats Are Visually Parodied By The Satanists (Just Like The Blackface Actors Fetishizing Black People)

Writing to the Satanic Temple and the Church of Satan,

With this open letter, you can start reading as soon as possible. You are free to pass this information on to your friends, family, and anyone else. I’ll fuck you up with two long horns or some antlers, depending on the situation.

I was informed on the internet that Anton Szandor LaVey, who had adopted the chief of dark worship, was the founding father of the Church of Satan.

Anton Szandor Lavey

When I heard that he had passed away in 1997, I hoped I could’ve talked with him in person if I had the opportunity, but I was only 5 years old at the time of his death. I missed my chance with him during the 21st century.

It makes me very angry that his name is repeatedly seen on social media. I saw only the headlines bombarded with multiple photos of goats at the top of inverted pentagrams (the head of a goat is the statue of Baphomet) openly glorified by Satanists.

You cultists have physically hijacked a goat for your so-called worship or offering your misguided consultation to the mainstream media masses solely on the brand and reputation of the organization. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves! Your movement is only interested in the psychological attack against racism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, and many isms from what I’ve read. You’re also fighting for abortion rights against the pioneers of the Conservative Community, Qanon adherents, Trump supporters, Proud Boys, Alt-Right, and many others. Understand me when I tell you this. I have no problem with your supposed church, and I don’t have no desire to make matters worse for you. I identify myself as an atheist, but I also practice Wicca and Voodoo.

Just because I have an atheistic point of view doesn’t make me one of you and vice versa. I don’t intend to become a member of your goat-killing organization, which has a goat face on its logo. Because it is blatantly deceptive on all counts!

I love seeing the various animals on the Internet, including dogs and cats, and I really appreciate seeing wolves. I know you don’t always believe in demons with horns and tails/forks. As some raging-minded conspiracy theorists have suggested, I’m also aware that you don’t necessarily speak these incantations in Latin or in dead languages. I used to follow conspiracy theories on every Internet page. I don’t anymore because these nonsenses are also time-consuming! I’m NOT a follower of QAnon, nor have I ever heard of the Q in my life before. I became a conspiracy theorist way before the whole QAnon pandemonium ever begins. I became a conspiracy theorist in October 2014 but later on quitting in Fall 2018. I never voted for Donald Trump in November 2016 but did vote for Jill Stein instead. I had never voted for him. I never have, ever!

Oh, wait! Did you know other cults out there in the world that actually believe in Satanism, unlike you?

Anton Szandor LaVey’s movement does look goddamn stupid to me. Consider me a fool; I don’t give a fuck. I can clearly see that he was very obsessive with goats for his self-motivations and acts of rebellion that only inspire the numbers of non-believers and marginalized communities of intersectional identities and backgrounds.

I decided to openly scrutinize Anton LaVey since we both have different viewpoints on atheism and skepticism, YOU AND I are two distancing types of atheists.

For me, as an atheist, I don’t endorse the portrayals of goats and rams in Anton Lavey’s absurd symbolic images, but he probably had an odd taste of misusing animals as a mascot brand for Lucifer’s Disobedience.

Lucifer’s Disobedience

I don’t see how goats are inspired for disobedience against God because, in the Bible, I don’t see anywhere that mentions God kicks out goats of Heaven, except fallen angels.

It. Just. Doesn’t. Make Sense.

Please. Make. It. Sense.

If I am wrong, please make it sense. I’m asking you to make it sense. There is no mentioning of Lucifer as a Baphomet figure in the Bible.

Lucifer is NOT a half-man and half-goat with wings, hurling out a three-finger salute. That statute of Baphomet never makes sense to me as an atheist and a Wiccan. I need you, Satanists, genuinely need to erase the delineations of goats and rams.

Have you heard of blackface, haven’t you? Please, don’t misunderstand me while I’m trying to school you, but keep in mind that, you are a Goatfacer.

What is GoatFace? It is the same as Blackface actors that made fun of black people, especially in America, but with the imitation of goats, you know? You basically made fun of goats for no reason whatsoever. Since goats don’t make fun of humans, they don’t dress up as humans! If you don’t know what BlackFace is, that term firstly used in Hollywood 50 years ago, maybe long before you were born. Then in the 1980s, ’90s, and 2000s, we black people have seen “blackface” comedians in different locations and different times.

We have been joked and made fun of by white people in community colleges, universities, such as Greek House activities, Sorority girls, and Fraternity boys, especially the white people during the Halloween seasons. White people love celebrating Halloween day on October 31st or New Year, so they dress up as icons of Black celebrities, such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, and other icons.

Every time white people do that, they post pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any social media platform to get “likes” and be popularized in a viral sensation and glorification of racism due to white privilege. White people always falsely assume that it is okay to imitate black people as iconic figures.

That is EXACTLY how I felt about Satanists. You think it is okay to use goats as statutes and for your protests, your movements, and many things you use them for.


Biblical Serpents

You are a goat exploiter. You are NO BETTER than BlackFace imitators. Stop imitating goats! If you want to copy something, please, using wings, or trying to look like Lucifer in your own imagination. Use your imagination!

Goats will always be goats. I don’t give a shit if the pentagrams do look like goats, so what! You need to fix your creative problems! You lack imagination and creativity!

The statue of Baphomet is animal discrimination and putting a bad reputation on goats and rams. Why can’t you create the statue of Lucifer as a fallen angel? We don’t need a Baphomet Statute. I don’t believe Lucifer has natural horns and goatee facial hair. Lucifer didn’t come here on Earth to be a goat, according to the Bible, it says he took over the body of the Serpent as demonic possession, so he could deceive Adam’s wife, Eve.

How is that inspiring if he deceives Eve for his wickedness? I found it very fascinating that you never have had a statue of Snake God, yet you preferred goats over snakes.

I found your cult very fascinating that you took a legal fight against Sabrina & the Chilling Adventures on Netflix, and including the American Horror Story on the FX channel due to copyright infringement. What a joke!

Satanic Temple Sues Netflix over copyright infringements

Church of Satan is NOT happy with the fictionalized portraits of their movement

You said these TV shows are defaming Anthon Lavey’s reputation. You always complained about the defamation! It is funny how you worried about Hollywood filmmakers and TV showrunners writing scary stories about your cult. I think it’s pretty hilarious that you think it is misleading. You don’t want people to assume you are harmful to goats, yet you do abuse goats for the sake of entertainment! You basically advertise goats everywhere in your own name!

I found you people very fascinating that you don’t want a lion, a shark, or a dragon to be seen on inverted pentagrams, so, why goats in particular?

How about a dragon? Dragons have horns, tails, and wings. They are pretty close to demons and devils.

Goats are not rebellious, well, they’re wild apex predators, but they are not evil. All they do is to eat grass, and live on meadows, forests, and the mountains.

If you Satanists do enjoy your civil rights movement, then what’s wrong with the statue of fallen angels, huh? You people are so fuckin’ weird, and you knew it!


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