Dear ASL Interpreters… Please Read This If You’re So Blatantly Biased or Recklessly Religious!

This open letter is for all of you to start reading here on my blog at WordPress. You can share this with your friends, families, colleagues, and including strangers, whoever you may know is in the United States of America. As long as it is freedom of expression online in the USA, we live democratically. I'll tell you right now about my heart and my brain for psychoanalysis within critical thinking based on your biased viewpoints, probably because you are deeply rooted in biblical doctrines in this mindset.


MISSOURI SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF  Deaf Kids doing ASL songs from the pop culture, known as SIGNING EAGLES in Glee club. HIP-HOP & MODERN ROCK-N-ROLL  Fall 2009 to Spring 2010 ASL TRANSLATION BY STUDENTS, SARAH NEUMANN HENLEY & BOBBY MORRIS JR. SEPTEMBER 16, 2010 (Practice) Thursday  SEPTEMBER 23, 2010 (Practice at 3:30 pm) Thursday SEPTEMBER [...]

Through Pastor Paul, I Had To Suffer From Religious Trauma Syndrome!

Specifically addressed to Pastor Paul Strosnider, the cult leader of Ephraim Baptist Church for the Deaf, this open letter is for him alone. Paul Strosnider These 16 years have passed since I met this white man, during which time I have also survived religious trauma syndrome. I was emotionally stirred up by Pastor Paul. He, who [...]

Obituary of Sandra Owens

Order of Ceremony Sandra Owens Prelude MusicWelcomeScriptures in Psalm Chapter 23Song: Don't Let Me Lose This Dream Memories Scriptures in Titus Chapter 2: Verse 13th & 14th Song: Bridge Over Troubled Water PrayerPostlude music  Obituary of Sandra Owens Sandra Owens was born on July 13, 1943, and died on October 22, 2020. Her most [...]